The Artist

Helena Breslin was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and has shown artistic talent since an early age, leading her to study Art. Passionate for discovering more about herself and for helping people, Helena left her comfort zone and moved to the UK where she started working and studying optics. However, it was after suffering a subtle brain injury that life gave Helena the time to dedicate herself fully to painting.

This happened as Helena was happily cycling from work. Trusting she had everything to ride safely home, not knowing the greatest danger of her life had come from above: fences from a construction site fell on Helena’s head, leaving her with cognitive difficulties. Forced to abandon her career in optics that she loved doing, Helena was still able to find something she could put her heart into. Being an Artist, has shown Helena how much she can still do.

Every time I paint, I feel amazing. Painting was a refuge through the hardest days, and it has also been an incredible manifestation of how blessed I feel.”

Helena has a passion for light reflections in nature and for capturing the Energy from what is being represented. Some additional interests include meditation, mindfulness and reiki. She feels that these have transformed the way she sees and creates Art.

Supporting Headway NW London

Helena meets regularly with other brain injury survivors at Headway North West London. She has become a valued volunteer during the pandemic, where she facilitates Mindfulness training and leads meditation sessions via zoom, to help members and their carers to find strategies to cope and manage low mood, stress and anxiety.

My aim as a volunteer is to bring hope to brain injury survivors and their carers, by facilitating mindfulness sessions in a friendly, caring and effective way to help manage difficulties in their day to day lives.

Helena Breslin

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